Graphcat 6.3 for WordPerfect X7 Shipping Now: Photo Catalogs, Editable, in WordPerfect

Corel released WordPerfect X7 in April. Graphcat, the ultimate photo cataloger for WordPerfect for the past two decades, has once again been upgraded, and now supports WordPerfect X7, along with Windows 8.1, in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. The installer is updated as well, and auto-detects all versions of WordPerfect, and adds Graphcat to any or all of them.

Graphcat creates editable photo catalogs. You can adjust the size of images, borders, centering, naming, page size, and more. And the catalogs are editable, using WordPerfect graphic styles, so that the entire catalog of images can be resized at once, or have nearly any image option changed for every thumbnail in the album at once.

Graphcat requires any version of WordPerfect, now including WordPerfect Office X7.



WordPerfect Office X7 Released

WordPerfect Office has been upgraded to version X7. There’s a new macro editor, an iPad app, and HTML 5 output. Read the news at Software Knowledge base:

Corel Celebrates User Talent with 2013 CorelDRAW International Design Contest

Over $100,000 US in prizes to be won

Corel today kicked off the CorelDRAW® International Design Contest. Until June 30, 2013, users from around the world can submit work they created using CorelDRAW® and Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X6. With six categories and over $100,000 US in prizes available, this year’s Design Contest aims to celebrate the creativity and versatility of the CorelDRAW community.

“The CorelDRAW International Design Contest offers the chance for our users to show their talent and design style to the world,” said Gérard Métrailler, Sr. Director, Product Management, Graphics at Corel. “Our users constantly inspire us, and this is our opportunity to highlight their work so they can inspire others as well.”
Categories and Prizes

Participants can submit entries into any of the following categories:
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Service Pack 2 for WordPerfect X6

Service Pack 2 updates WordPerfect X6 (version to version
For most users, the update is automatic. It’s also available here:

And release notes are here:

Service Pack 2 is compatible with Graphcat Photo Catalog Builder for WordPerfect X6.

Cloud Backup

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy T. Frankenstorm, we’ll talk about cloud backup at the November WPBug meeting.

We’ll cover who the larger service providers are, what they’re good at, costs, software, and why you need to back up off-premises.