Article Reprints about WordPerfect

by Jerry Stern, webmaster for the WP Baltimore User’s Group

  • WordPerfect Keyboard Shortcuts–Free Reference Chart Download
  • Sharing a PC,WordPerfect Magazine, October 1994 Reprint 57 Kb
  • 8 Painless Ways to Leave DOS Behind, WordPerfect for Windows Magazine, June, 1994 Reprint 91 Kb
  • Have Macro, Will Travel: 10 Rules for Creating a Universal Macro, The WordPerfectionist, July 1993 Reprint 72 Kb
  • Macro of the Month: Special Character Menu, with Alison B. Bushon, The WordPerfectionist, July 1993 Article 115 Kb
  • Card Tricks, WordPerfect Magazine, May 1992 Reprint 86 Kb
  • The Big and Tall of Dot Matrix, WordPerfect Magazine, February 1991 Reprint 62 Kb